Postpartum Mood Disorders

What Are Postpartum Mood Disorders?
Some women experience the "baby blues", while others develop postpartum mood disorders. Find out the differences and similarities, and what can be done to feel better.

Real Life Stories of Postpartum Experiences
From mild to severe symptoms, these women have been through hard times following the birth of a child. Read about their experiences in an effort to understand them, and perhaps to understand yourself.

Members Answer Frequently Asked Questions
Women who come from all sorts of backgrounds, all sorts of lives, answer questions regarding the one thing they all have in common...a postpartum mood disorder experience.

What Happened to the Woman I Love?
Postpartum mood disorders don't only impact the mother. If your wife is going through a difficult time, chances are that you're struggling as well. Learn how to help your wife. Remember to take care of yourself, too.

Making A Difference
Advocacy, for yourself and for others, can be a powerful tool to the recovery process. Here you'll find ideas on how to get involved in making things better for future sufferers of a postpartum mood disorder, as well as learn about ways to help yourself.

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