Make A Difference

  • Funding for mental health services are being cut drastically in the USA. In order to retain important services related to mental health, we must let our lawmakers know our stance on the subject. Contact your representative and let your voice be heard.

  • NMHA Legislative Alert -- Senate Bill to be Introduced to House regarding parity, or equal treatment, for mental health. Your support is needed!

  • Support the Melanie Stokes Postpartum Bill (HR 2380) -- would provide for research on, and services for, individuals with postpartum depression and psychosis.
    Find your representative to contact in support of the bill.

    Click on to see a Melanie Stokes Postpartum Research and Care Act H.R 846 Sample Letter of Support and then write one!!

  • Send cards or notes of encouragement to Andrea Yates, sentenced to life imprisonment in the state of TX for the drowning deaths of her five children while in a deep postpartum-induced psychosis.

    Mrs. Andrea Pia Yates
    c/o Andrea Pia Yates Support Coalition
    c/o Parnham and Associates
    440 Louisiana Street, Suite 800
    Houston, TX 77002

  • Learn more about the Free Debra Gindorf movement.

  • Support organizations that work to educate the public about mental health issues and postpartum mood disorders, strive to create laws that protect and help those with mental illnesses/mood disorders, and push for parity (or equal coverage) of mental health care by insurance companies...and so much more. Here are some wonderful organizations to consider supporting:

    Postpartum Support International

    Depression After Delivery, Inc.

    The Ruth Rhoden Craven Foundation, Inc. for Postpartum Depression Awareness

    The Melanie Blocker-Stokes Foundation, 312-225-1310

    National Alliance for the Mentally Ill

    National Mental Health Association


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