The Online PPD Support Group is proud to have a chat room available for "real-time" chats. Join these chats at posted times via the Postpartum Depression Community by clicking "Join Live Chat".

Current Chat Schedule
Every Sunday - 7:00pm PST - hosted by Jessica
Every Monday - 3:30am PST - hosted by Lucy
Every Tuesday - 6:00pm PST - hosted by Venessa

ALL chats are subject to change - check the General Forum on the day of the scheduled chat.

Please Note: If you are in a VERY bad place right now - whether it be a suicidal, a self-harmer, or just someone who seems to be very unstable. It's important that you do NOT go into the chatroom unless one of our trained team members is in there to help guide the chat. Such a member going in the chatroom with another member who is also in crisis (although perhaps not at the same level of severity) is potentially harmful to all involved in the chat.

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