Thanks to those who share their own experiences and views concerning Postpartum Depression. Please note that the stories below range from discussions about difficult pregnancies and/or deliveries, to different family histories, to severity/type and symptoms of postpartum illnesses. There are stories of people who dealt with postpartum depression as well as first-person stories about postpartum psychosis. They are in the words of the people who had these experiences and were willing to share a piece of their lives with others. Some of these stories are encouranging, and some can be pretty frightening. Notice that each person's story is different. Different treatments work for different people. Similarly, not all women experience the same symptoms, severity or duration.

If you wish to share your story with others, please send it to the administrator. Stories need to be titled and single spaced with double spaces between paragraphs. Please indicate whether you wish to have your first name "clickable" with an email address at which you can be reached by readers. It is generally recommended, for the purposes of privacy and safety, that you do not publish your full name or physical address. 

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