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The Online PPD Support Group website has created some tools for its visitors. Please feel free to download our brochures, flyers and business cards for personal use only.
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    ePregancy generously granted permission for The Online PPD Support Group to share its "PPD Promise", a contract to be completed by women prior to delivery. This contract should then be shared with the people she trusts and who can be observant of her after childbirth.

  • Postpartum Contract

    Mary Ellen Copeland, MS, MA has given her permission for The Online PPD Support Group to share some of her tools for downloading. From her website:
    "Mary Ellen Copeland is a mental health recovery educator and author. Her focus is on self-help. She has learned the concepts, skills and strategies she teaches from her own personal experience with extreme mood swings and from her ongoing studies with people who experience psychiatric symptoms. Her teachings and writings include topics like getting a sense of hope, Wellness Tools, Wellness Recovery Action Planning, Relapse Prevention, Crisis Planning, Developing a Strong Support System, Education, Personal Responsibility, Self-Advocacy, Building Self-Esteem, Healing from the Effects of Trauma, and Relieving Loneliness and Worry. Her expertise is not related to psychiatric medications, psychiatry, or legal advocacy. She does not provide counseling services. The skills and strategies she teaches are not necessarily a replacement for other kinds of treatment, but complement any other treatment."

  • Information for the Physician
  • Questions to Ask the Doctor About Medication
  • Crisis Plan
  • Post-Crisis Plan
  • Post-Crisis Planning Worksheet

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