A remembrance of lives lost in the battle against postpartum mood disorders.

If you would like to contribute a name of a death related to postpartum illnesses, please email. Special thanks to Jane Honikman and Postpartum Support International for their assistance in compiling this list.

This is just a small representation of the lives claimed by postpartum mood disorders. The Online PPD Support Group wishes to dedicate this web page to all those who are not listed here, and to those families and friends who are left in the aftermath of such tragedies.

Andrea Campanari

Eli Chapman (6 months old)

Susan Cercone

Ruth Rhoden Craven

Alanna DePasquale

Mine An Ener
Raya Donagi Ener

Beth Ellen Halvorson Flack

Amy Garvey

Grace Headlee (4)
Gabriel Amaya (5 months old)

Wade Henley (28)
Judah Henley (7 months old)

Jennifer Mudd Houghtaling

Karen Hubbard and daughter

Dr. Suzanne Killinger-Johnson
Cuyler Johnson (6 months old)

Tomoyuki Koga (4 weeks old)

Andrea Labbe (26)
Brian Langer (47)
Zoe Labbe Langer (3)

Joshua Keith Laney (8)
Luke Allen Laney (6)

Jane Leslie

Kathy Troutman Loftis

Janet Gifford Meyers

Betty Lovette (53)
Tammy Lovette (27)

Dr. Lauren Miller

Maryellen Moffitt (37)
Caroline Moffitt (5 weeks old)

Sabine Nispal, husband Dieter, her two children

Sue Ormand, RN

Beth Parent

Feliciana Reyes (10 months old)

Ariceli Erivas Sandoval

Margaret Elizabeth Schlosser (10 months old)

Jason Situ (3 months old)

Carol Pierce-Soukakos

Susy Ricci

Kristen Brooks Rossell

Melanie Blythe Stokes

Michelle Vorase
Anna Lynn Vorase (22 months old)
Olivia Michelle Vorase (3 months old)

Kathy Woltman

Gemma Wernick
Gerica Wernick (3)
Jamie Wernick (17 days old)

Noah Yates (7)
John Yates (5)
Luke Yates (3)
Paul Yates (2)
Mary Yates (6 months old)

"Tears In Heaven" by Eric Clapton
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